The following pictures are from multiple trips taken since my retirement at the end of 1998. They are in rough chronological order. They use a variety of different techniques to produce the HTML code for display. They are placed here to de-clutter the home page, as most folks are more interested in the newer photos, but I want to keep them around. The amount of effort I will make to keep the older pictures available is limited, so one should not be surprised if something stops working here. I will move other trip pictures off the main page to this archival page as they also become older.

  • 06/09 Chicago Roadtrip.
  • 09/08 Mediterranean Cruise.
  • 02/08 Tucson Roadtrip.
  • 06/07 Atlanta & Louisiana trip.
  • 11/06 New Zealand trip.
  • 05/06 San Francisco road trip.
  • 8/05 Ricketts Glen camping trip.
  • 6/05 Florida road trip.
  • 4/05 Suzannes Morocco Trip.
  • 03/05 Barnesley Gardens, GA road trip.
  • 2004 Scotland and Exmoor trip.
  • 06/04 trip to Dallas and Louisiana.
  • 03/04 trip to Florida and Charleston.
  • 08/03 trip to Colorado Springs.
  • Summer 2002 road trip, including Utah llama trek.
  • 10/01 road trip to Louisiana.
  • 9/01 trip to Pine Creek Canyon, PA.
  • 8/01 camping trip in Letchworth State Park, NY.
  • 7/01 camping trip in the Catskills, NY.
  • 6/01 automobile trip to Michigan.
  • 11/00 automobile trip to San Diego, CA
  • 2000 London and Cotswolds trip.
  • 10/99 trip to Louisiana.
  • 7/99 Alaska camping trip.


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