Rickett's Glen State Park - August 2005

Ricketts Glen State Park, PA - 3 days/2 nights at campground Aug 22-24, 2005.

Beautiful weather, nice trails, many waterfalls, much climbing and descending. Campsites on peninsula - cool and no bugs! New tent smaller, but easier to set up. Older stove with bad o-ring, so hot meals only in nearby restaurant.

Pictures presented without captions - you really don't care what name was on each of the waterfalls, and if you don't recognize Rod you probably got to this site by mistake anyway.

PICT1261.jpg PICT1262.jpg PICT1283.jpg PICT1297.jpg PICT1298.jpg
PICT1304.jpg PICT1311.jpg PICT1318.jpg PICT1321.jpg PICT1323.jpg
PICT1345.jpg PICT1348.jpg PICT1353.jpg PICT1357.jpg PICT1362.jpg
PICT1377.jpg PICT1382.jpg

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