Georgia Road Trip

Suzanne planned a NAWBO Presidents Retreat at Barnesley Gardens, Adairsville, GA for the weekend of March 11-13, 2005. Ever optimistic, Rod decided to drive down and pick her up after the retreat for some hiking in TN and VA on the way back to NJ. The weather cooperated with Suzanne for her retreat, but Rod was less confident after his first day of driving south that there would be any inclination for springtime hiking activities on the way back. Fortunately, we managed nice weather Monday afternoon on a rail trail, as well as a nice Tuesday before the storms came into VA. We didn't figure on as much snow as we found on the Blue Ridge Parkway, so had to backtrack to the interstate to get further north. The Natural Bridge was interesting, and going when there are not hordes of tourists is highly recommended.

Wytheville, VA Saturday outside Rods motel
Barnsley Gardens ruins, Adairsville GA during retreat
Gaggle of NAWBO Presidents
Rod on Huckleberry Trail, a rail trail between Christiansburg and Blacksburg VA
View from Blue Ridge Parkway near Buchanan VA
Suzanne on trail from Parkway to cascades
Parkway closed due to ice/snow - back to Buchanan
Natural Bridge VA
End of the walk along the stream at Natural Bridge
Indian village at Natural Bridge

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