Pictures taken on a trip to San Diego, CA in November 2000.

We decided on a road trip so we could visit friends on the way, as well as handle several essential NAWBO functions en route.

Suzanne was trying out a new camera to learn how to use it for work, so the original resolution on most pictures was for that 3 megapixel camera.

I'm trying out a new mechanism for display, with thumbnails of the pictures forced on you, but a higher resolution version available if you click on the thumbnail. The thumbnails are a horizontal resolution of 200 and a minimum quality level .jpg file. The "higher resolution" is generally a horizontal resolution of 640 and a quality level of 3. The hope is that the thumbnail picture will come up fast, and you won't be forced to look at all the pictures at the higher resolution if you only want to see a single one. I can also mix in higher resolutions (slower load times) without forcing everyone to pay the time needed to download them. The actual digital photos are at much higher resolution, so if you feel an irresistable urge to have, say, a photo of Rod for over your mantle, we can supply the higher resolution image.

First Set of Pictures

Second Set of Pictures

Note that there is also a set of pictures of The Buttes , the Tempe, AZ hotel which will host the NAWBO conference in Feb 2001.