July 1999: Camping trip in Alaska

2013 NOTE: The photos from this trip were originally posted online in a completely different format to a web site on an AT&T server before a switch to www.rodpease.com. They have been moved to a Google web album now, but some of the context of the original, somewhat awkward HTML is thus lost. Probably nobody cares but a historian interested in how one put pictures out when one had nothing but dialup access to the web.

This was the first big trip post-retirement for Rod. We flew into Anchorage and took a van tour with a company called CampAlaska, no longer found on the web (12/13). They supplied camping gear except for sleeping bags, and all campers cooperated with the single driver/guide in doing all the camp chores. This was documented with our first digital camera, a 1 megapixel Kodak, and pictures set at 640x480 resolution for quick download on a dialup access.

Pictures now seen in Google+ Web Albums. The mechanisms are more robust there to display the pictures in your browser in different ways.

Photos from our 1999 Alaska Trip

Last update: 4/14/19