Photos from a trip to the Pine Creek area, near Wellsboro PA, September 2001.

This was a short 3 day trip, prompted by our desire to bike the Pine Creek Rail-Trail. We rented bicycles from Pine Creek Outfitters ( who took us the short distance from their base in Ansonia to the current start of the trail just north of Highway 6 along Pine Creek. They picked us up in the afternoon in Blackwell, PA, about 17 miles away and brought us back to their base. If you are interested in more info on such a trip, check them out - recommended.

We took the bicycle trip the first day and hiked along a part of the west rim of the Pine Creek Canyon the morning of the next day. The starting point for the hike was at the parking lot for the Barbour Rock trail in Tioga State Forest.

Both of us had cameras, so the attempt here is to arrange the shots approximately chronologically - mixed between photographers. After resolution reduction for the web, you can probably only tell the photographer by who is in the picture, or by a slight white fog in the center in pictures taken by Rod (its the camera, not the photographer!). Since it was overcast for most of the bicycle ride, some of the better quality pictures come from the hike.

Set 1 - Pine Creek Rail-Trail.

Set 2 - Pine Creek Rail-Trail and Blackwell.

Set 3 - Barbour Rock Trail.

Set 4 - Barbour Rock Trail and West Rim Trail.