Morocco Trip

In April 2005, I had the opportunity to visit Morocco. I went with Beverly Inman Ebel, NAWBO's 2004-05 President, to the FCEM World President's Meeting in Fez. We spent the day in Casablanca on the way to Fez, wandering the winding paths of the walled medina. The people of Morocco are very friendly. They are extremely agressive sales people and bargaining is expected. The close juxtiposition of wealth and poverty is common with shacks lining the walls of palaces and hovels sprouting satellite dishes.

Beverly and me outside mosque in Casablanca.
Beverly in front of same mosque. This is the westernmost mosque in Africa built fairly recently.
Trying on caftan...didn't buy this one.
This is one of the roads up to the medina.
Group sits on the street corner stuffing pillows and matresses with rags.
Just outside medina...since no motorized traffic is allowed with the medina walls, moving of goods is done via donkey and handcarts.
Vegetable seller sets up his wares.
To find your way through the maze of the medina, a guide is recommended. Of course, he will take you to shops where his relatives work or where he has negotiated a commission. This is our guide for a tour of the Fez medina.
My friend Beverly walks through the medina. Many of the souks (shops) are no larger than a closet. The senses are assaulted by colors, smells, and sounds of bartering.
All of the women make their own bread and bring loaves marked with their house mark to the communal bakery each morning. At noon they return to the bakery to pick up their baked loaves.
The gate to the medina which is a walled area of the city. Fez's medina has over 400 winding roads and thousands of shops. No vehicles are allowed in the medina and all goods are moved by handcart or donkey.
The tannery shows raw hides hanging on the roof. The tannery stinks! The hides are soaked in pigeon droppings. The ammonia in the droppings softens the hides and removes hair.
Then they are dyed in vats with a man working the dye into the hide with his feet. Hides are rinsed in the street so the street runs green, brown, red, blue or yellow at different times of the day.
The market has fresh vegetables, fresh butchered meat, live poultry and just about anything else you can think of.
This woman is a flower seller...selling rose and other flower petals.
This shop sells spices and dried fruit.
Marble carvers work with a mallet and chisel.
Each gate and the doorways into mosques and palaces are decorated with beautiful plasterwork, marble and ceramic tiles.
Moroccans looking down on us from balcony of museum in Fez.
Here I am in doorway of an alcove in a palace we visited.
Morocco is filled with strange sounds, colors, odors and flavors, but one also senses mystery behind the thick walls.

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