In 2009 I switched from recording paperbacks using my own database to using Alexandria under Ubuntu. Its a lot easier to input the data, but the formats are not exactly compatible. Alexandria uses ISBN numbers as a key, which I didn't record in the earlier database.

The Post 2008 HTML is generated by Alexandria in order alphabetically by Alexandria's idea of the author's name. Note that different databases used to populate Alexandria alphabetize differently, some with surname first, others, not. If you are looking for a particular author, look under both first and last names.

It still contains books that have migrated from my posession, usually given away. They are a small fraction of the total number, so most of those listed here are in a box somewhere in the house. I can identify them if needed, but don't keep separate listings online.

It does not yet contain books that I've just finished, nor a large set that are sitting on my shelf waiting for me to read, nor those I've finished that my wife wants to read. Some books have been waiting a while for an author to complete a trilogy or give up on a series.

That means I now have 2 separate lists to peruse:
Pre 2009 Science Fiction and Fantasy Paperback Collection
Post 2008 Science Fiction and Fantasy Paperback Collection

NOTE: A move to ebooks in late 2013 will probably involve a reorganization of some kind here.

Last updated 1/04/14