SFF Paperbacks - pre 2009

The following is a list of Science Fiction/Fantasy books.
These are from my database of paperbacks at year end 2008.
Format is 4 fields: Author,Title,Publisher,DATE, followed by optional fields with things like the series to which it belongs or a DAW collectors number.
No attempt to remove duplicate entries, which happens sometimes when I loan out a book and it gets mixed up with the new books and re-entered. Sometimes they are gifts and don't return, but stay in the database so I can avoid buying and reading them again.
Typos abound!
Rod Pease - 6/12/09

Aamodt Donald,A Name to Conjure With,Avon,1989
Aaron Shale,Virtual Death,Harper,1995
Abbey Lynn,Behind Time,ACE,2001
Abbey Lynn,Beneath The Web,ACE,1994
Abbey Lynn & Cherryh & Morris Ed.,Soul of The City,ACE,1986,Thieves World 8
Abbey Lynn,Daughter of the Bright Moon,ACE,Feb 1980,13876
Abbey Lynn,Down Time,ACE,2005
Abbey Lynn Ed.,Enemies of Fortune,TOR,2006
Abbey Lynn ed,Turning Point,TOR,2003
Abbey Lynn,Jerlayne,DAW,1999,1118
Abbey Lynn,Out of Time,ACE,2000
Abbey Lynn,Rifkind's Challenge,TOR,2007
Abbey Lynn,Sanctuary,Tor,2003
Abbey Lynn,Siege of Shadows,ACE,1996
Abbey Lynn,Taking Time,ACE,2004
Abbey Lynn,The Black Flame,ACE,1980
Abbey Lynn,The Forge of Virtue,Questar,1991,Ultima 1
Abbey Lynn,The Guardians,ACE,1982
Adams Bill and Brooks Cecil,The End of Fame,Del Rey,1994
Adams Bill and Brooks Cecil,The Unwound Way,Del Rey,1991
Adams Robert,A Cat of Silvery Hue,Signet,1979,Horseclans
Adams Robert,Billi The Axe,Signet,1983,Horseclans #10
Adams Robert,Castaways in Time,Signet,1979
Adams Robert,Champion of the Last Battle,Signet,1983,Horseclans #11
Adams Robert ed.,Alternatives,Baen,1989
Adams Robert,Friends of the Horseclans II,Signet,1989
Adams Robert,Horseclans Odyssey,Signet,1981
Adams Robert,Madman's Army,Signet,1987,Horseclans 17
Adams Robert,Monsters and Magicians,Baen,1989,Stairway to Forever 2
Adams Robert,Of Beginnings and Endings,Signet,1989,Castaways in Time 6
Adams Robert,Of Chiefs and Champions,Signet,1987,Castaways in Time 4
Adams Robert,Of Myths and Monsters,Signet,1988,Castaways in TIme 5
Adams Robert,Of Quests and Kings,Signet,1986,Castaways 3
Adams Robert,Revenge of the Horseclans,Pinnacle,1977,Horseclans
Adams Robert,Stairway to Forever,Baen,1988
Adams Robert,The Clan of The Cats,Signet,1988,Horseclans 18
Adams Robert,The Coming of the Horseclans,Pinnacle,1975
Adams Robert,The Death of a Legend,Signet,1981
Adams Robert,The Memories of Milo Morai,Signet,1986,Horseclans 15
Adams Robert,The Patrimony,Signet,1980,Horseclans
Adams Robert,The Savage Mountains,Signet,1979,Horseclans
Adams Robert,The Seven Magical Jewels of Ireland,Signet,1985,Casteways 2
Adams Robert,The Witch Goddess,Signet,1982,Horseclans 9
Adams Robert,Trumpets of War,Signet,1987,Horseclans 16
Adams Terry A,Sentience,DAW,1986,661
Adams Terry A,The Master of Chaos,DAW,1989,777
Addison Joseph,Tesseract,Del Rey,1988
Ahern Jerry and Ahern Sharon,The Golden Shield of IBF,Baen,1999
Ahern Jerry,The Takers,Gold Eagle,1984
Aikin Jim,The Wall at the Edge of the World,ACE,1993
Aikin Jim,Walk the Moons Road,Del Rey,1985
Alama Pauline J,The Eye of Night,Bantam,2002
Aldiss Brian,Helliconia Summer,Berkeley,1986,Helliconia 2
Aldiss Brian W,Helliconia Spring,Berkley,1984
Aldiss Brian W,Helliconia Winter,Berkley,1987
Aldiss Brian W,Starswarm,Baen,1985
Aldiss Brian W,The Year Before Yesterday,St Martins,1987
Aldridge Ray,The Emperor of Everything,Bantam,1992,Emancipator 2
Aldridge Ray,The Pharoh Contract,Bantam,1991,Emancipator 1
Aldrin Buzz and Barnes John,Encounter with Tiber,Aspect,1997
Aldrin Buzz and Barnes John,The Return,TOR,2001
Alexander David M,Fane,Pocket,1981
Allen Roger MacBride,Allies and Aliens,Baen,1995
Allen Roger MacBride and Drake David,The War Machine,Baen,1989,Crisis of Empire 3
Allen Roger MacBride and Kotani Eric,Supernova,Avon,1991
Allen Roger Macbride,Death Sentence,Bantam,2007,BSI
Allen Roger MacBride,Farside Cannon,Baen,1988
Allen Roger MacBride,Isaac Asimov's Caliban,ACE,1999
Allen Roger MacBride,Orphan of Creation,Baen,1988
Allen Roger Macbride,Rogue Powers,Baen,1986
Allen Roger Macbride,The Cause of Death,Bantam.2006
Allen Roger MacBride,The Depths of Time,Bantam,2001
Allen Roger MacBride,The Ocean of Years,Bantam,2002
Allen Roger MacBride,The Ring of Charon,TOR,1990,Hunted Earth 1
Allen Roger MacBride,The Shattered Sphere,TOR,1995,Hunted Earth 2
Allen Roger MacBride,The Shores of Tomorrow,Bantam,2003
Allen Roger Macbride,The Torch of Honor,Baen,1985
Allston Aaron,Doc Sidhe,Baen,1995
Allston Aaron,Galatea in 2-D,Baen,1993
Allston Aaron,Sidhe Devil,Baen,2001
Anderson Jack,Millennium,Tor,1995
Anderson Kevin J and Beason Doug,Fallout,Ace,1997
Anderson Kevin J and Beason Doug,Lethal Exposure,ACE,1998
Anderson Kevin J and Beason Doug,Lifeline,Bantam,1990
Anderson Kevin J and Beason Doug,The Trinity,Paradox,Bantam,1991
Anderson Kevin J and Beason Doug,Virtual Destruction,ACE,1996
Anderson Kevin J & Beason Doug,Ill Wind,TOR,2007
Anderson Kevin J,Blindfold,Aspect,1995
Anderson Kevin J,Champions of the Force,Bantam,1994,Star Wars: Jedi Academy 3
Anderson Kevin J,Climbing Olympus,Aspect,1994
Anderson Kevin J,Dark Apprentice,Bantam,1994,Star Wars: Jedi Academy 2
Anderson Kevin J,Fantastic Voyage Microcosm,Onyx,2001
Anderson Kevin J,Gamearth,Signet,1989
Anderson Kevin J,Hopscotch,Spectra,2003
Anderson Kevin J,Jedi Search,Bantam,1994,Star Wars: Jedi Academy 1
Anderson Kevin J,Resurrection Inc.,Signet,1988
Anderson K J,Captain Nemo,Pocket,2002
Anderson K J,The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,Pocket,2003
Anderson Poul,A Circus of Hells,Signet,1970
Anderson Poul,A Stone in Heaven,ACE,1979,Flandry
Anderson Poul,Genesis,TOR,2001
Anderson Poul,Harvest of Stars,Tor,1994
Anderson Poul,Mayday Orbit,ACE,1961,F-104 D
Anderson Poul,Mother of Kings,TOR,2003
Anderson Poul,Operation Luna,TOR,2000
Anderson Poul,Starfarers,TOR,1999
Anderson Poul,Star Ways,ACE,1956,D-568
Anderson Poul,The Boat of a Million Years,TOR,1991
Anderson Poul,The Byworlder,Signet,1971
Anderson Poul,The Devil's Game,Pocket,1980
Anderson Poul,The Fleet of Stars,TOR,1998
Anderson Poul,The Rebel Worlds,Signet,1969
Anderson Poul,The Shield of Time,TOR,1991
Anderson Poul,The Stars are Also Fire,1995
Anderson Poul,Time Patrolman,Tor,1983
Anderson Poul,We Claim These Stars,ACE,1959,D-407 D
Andrews Donna,Access Denied,Berkley,2005
Andrews Donna,Click Here for Murder,Berkley,2004
Andrews Donna,Delete All Suspects,Berkley,2006
Andrews Donna,You've Got Murder,Berkley,2003
Andrews Ilona,Magic Bites,ACE,2007
Andrews Ilona,Magic Burns,ACE,2008
Anthony Mark,Beyond the Pale,Bantam,1999,The Last Rune 1
Anthony Mark,Blood of Mystery,Bantam,2002,The Last Rune 4
Anthony Mark,The Dark Remains,Bantam,2001,The Last Rune 3
Anthony Mark,The First Stone,Bantam,2004,The Last Rune 6
Anthony Mark,The Gates of Winter,Bantam,2003,The Last Rune 5
Anthony Mark,The Keep of Fire,Bantam,2000,The Last Rune 2
Anthony Patricia,Brother Termite,ACE,1995
Anthony Patricia,Cold Allies,ACE,1994
Anthony Patricia,Consience of the Beagle,ACE,1995
Anthony Patricia,Cradle of Splendor,Ace,1997
Anthony Patricia,God's Fire,ACE,1998
Anthony Patricia,Happy Policeman,ACE,1996
Anthony Piers and Farmer Phillip Jose,The Caterpillar's Question,ACE,1995
Anthony Piers and Fuentes Roberto,Dead Morn,ACE,1994
Anthony Piers and Kornwise Robert,Through The Ice,BAEN,1992
Anthony Piers and Lackey Mercedes,If I Pay Thee Not In Gold,Baen,1994
Anthony Piers and Margroff Robert E,Orc's Opal,TOR,1990
Anthony Piers and Richey James and Riggs Alan,Quest For The Fallen Star,TOR,1999
Anthony Piers and Taeusch Jo Anne,The Secret of Spring,TOR,2001
Anthony Piers,A Spell For Chameleon,Del Rey,1978
Anthony Piers,Battle Circle,Avon,1978,Trilogy=Sos+Var+Neq
Anthony Piers,Bearing An Hourglass,DelRey,1985,Incarnations of Immortality 2
Anthony Piers,Blue Adept,Del Rey,1981,Phaze 2
Anthony Piers,Castle Roogna,Del Rey,1979,Xanth 3
Anthony Piers,Centaur Aisle,Del Rey,1981,Xanth 4
Anthony Piers,Chaining the Lady,Avon,1978,Cluster
Anthony Piers,Chthon,Ballantine,1967
Anthony Piers,Cluster,Avon,1977,Cluster
Anthony Piers/Coulson Robert,But What of Earth?,Laser,1976,44
Anthony Piers,Crewel Lye,Del Rey,1985,Xanth
Anthony Piers,Dragon on a Pedestal,Del Rey,1983
Anthony Piers,Executive,Avon,1985,Tyrant #4
Anthony Piers,Faith of Tarot,Berkley,1989,Tarot 3
Anthony Piers,God of Tarot,Jove,1979,Tarot
Anthony Piers,Golem in the Gears,Del Rey,1986
Anthony Piers & Hall Frances,Pretender,Tor,1985,WEAK
Anthony Piers,Hasan,Tor,1986
Anthony Piers,Heaven Cent,Avon,1988
Anthony Piers,Juxtaposition,Del Rey,1982
Anthony Piers,Killobyte,ACE,1994
Anthony Piers,Kirlian Quest,Avon,1978,Cluster
Anthony Piers,Man From Mundania,Avon,1989,Xanth
Anthony Piers & Margroff Robert E,Mouvar's Magic,TOR,1993
Anthony Piers,Mercenary,Avon,1984,Bio of a Space Tyrant #2
Anthony Piers,Mercycle,ACE,1992
Anthony Piers,Mute,Avon,1981
Anthony Piers,Night Mare,Del Rey,1983
Anthony Piers,Ogre Ogre,Del Rey,1982,Xanth
Anthony Piers,On A Pale Horse,DelRey,1984,Incarnations of Immortality 1
Anthony Piers,Out Of Phaze,Ace,1988,Apprentice Adept 4
Anthony Piers,Politician,Avon,1985,Tyrant 3
Anthony Piers,Prostho Plus,Berkley,1973
Anthony Piers,Refugee,Avon,1983,Bio of a Space Tyrant #1
Anthony Piers,Robot Adept,Ace,1989,Apprentice Adept 5
Anthony Piers,Split Infinity,Del Rey,1980
Anthony Piers,Statesman,Avon,1986,Tyrant 5
Anthony Piers,The Source of Magic,Del Rey,1979,Xanth 2
Anthony Piers,Thousand-Star,Avon,1980
Anthony Piers,Total Recall,Avon,1990
Anthony Piers,Unicorn Point,ACE,1990,Apprentice Adept 6
Anthony Piers,Vale of the Vole,Avon,1987
Anthony Piers,Viscous Circle,Avon,1982
Anthony Piers,Vision of Tarot,Berkley,1980,Tarot 2
Anthony Piers,With A Tangled Skein,DelRey,1986,Incarnations of Immortality 3
Antieau Kim,The Jigsaw Woman,ROC,1998
Anvil Christopher,Pandora's Legions,Baen,2002
Anvil Christopher,The Steel-The Mist-and the Blazing Sun,ACE,1980,Analog
Anzetti Toni,Riders of Leviathan,DelRey,2001
Anzetti Toni,Typhon's Children,DelRey,1999
Appleby Ken,The Voice of Cepheus,Del Rey,1989
Armstrong F W,The Changing,Tor,1985
Armstrong Kelley,Broken,Bantam,2006
Armstrong Kelley,Dime Store Magic,Bantam,2004
Armstrong Kelley,Haunted,Bantam,2005
Armstrong Kelley,Industrial Magic,Bantam,2004
Armstrong Kelley,No Humans Involved,Bantam,2008
Armstrong Michael,After the Zap,Questar,1987
Armstrong Michael,Agviq,Questar,1990
Arnason Eleanor,Changing Women,Avonova,1992,A Woman of the Iron People 2
Arnason Eleanor,Daughter of the Bear King,Avon,1987
Arnason Eleanor,In The Light of Sigma Draconis,Avonova,1992,A Woman of the Iron People 1
Arnason Eleanor,To The Resurrection Station,Avon,1986
Asaro Catherine,Ascendant Sun,TOR,2001
Asaro Catherine,Catch the Lightning,TOR,1997
Asaro Catherine,Primary Inversion,TOR,1996
Asaro Catherine,Skyfall,TOR,2004
Asaro Catherine,Spherical Harmonic,TOR,2002
Asaro Catherine,The Charmed Sphere,LUNA,2005
Asaro Catherine,The Last Hawk,TOR,1998,Skolian Empire
Asaro Catherine,The Moon's Shadow,TOR,2004
Asaro Catherine,The Phoenix Code,Bantam,2001
Asaro Catherine,The Quantum Rose,TOR,2002
Asaro Catherine,The Radiant Seas,TOR,1999
Asaro Catherine,The Veiled Web,Bantam,1999
Asher Neal,Cowl,TOR,2006
Asher Neal,Gridlinked,TOR,2004
Asher Neal,The Skinner,TOR,2005
Ash Sarah,Children of the Serpent Gate,Bantam,2006,Tears of Artamon 3
Ash Sarah,Lord of Snow and Shadows,Bantam,2004,Tears of Artamon 1
Ash Sarah,Prisoner of the Iron Tower,Bantam,2005,Tears of Artamon 2
Ashwell Pauline,Unwillingly to Earth,Tor,1992
Asimov Isaac and Janet,Norby: Robot for Hire,Ace,1987
Asimov Isaac and Silverberg Robert,The Ugly Little Boy,Bantam,1993
Asimov Isaac,Forward the Foundation,Bantam,1994
Asimov Isaac,Foundation and Earth,Del Rey,1987
Asimov Isaac,Foundation's Edge,Del Rey,1983
Asimov Isaac, I Robot,Del Rey,1984
Asimov Isaac,Isaac's Universe,Avon,1990,Collection
Asimov Isaac,Nemesis,Bantam,1990
Asimov Isaac,Prelude to Foundation,Bantam,1989
Asimov Isaac,The End of Eternity,Fawcett,1955
Asimov Isaac,The Gods Themselves,Fawcett,1972
Asimov Janet & Isaac,The Norby Chronicles,ACE,1986
Asimov Janet,Mind Transfer,Ace,1989
Asire Nancy,Tears of Time,Baen,1993
Asire Nancy,To Fall Like Stars,Baen,1996
Askegren Pierce,Exit Strategy,ACE,2006,Inconstant Moon 3
Askegren Pierce,Fall Girl,ACE,2005,Inconstant Moon 2
Askegren Pierce,Human Resource,ACE,2005,Inconstant Moon 1
Asnin Scott,A Cold Wind from Orion,Del Rey,1980
Asprin R L & Abbey L Ed,The Dead of Winter,ACE,1985,Thieves World #7
Asprin Robert and Evans Linda,Ripping Time,Baen,2000,Time Scout 3
Asprin Robert and Evans Linda,The House That Jack Built,Baen,2001,Time Scout 4
Asprin Robert and Evans Linda,Time Scout,Baen,1995,Time Scout 1
Asprin Robert and Evans Linda,Wagers of Sin,Baen,1996,Time Scout 2
Asprin Robert and Friesner Esther,E. Godz,Baen,2005
Asprin Robert and Heck Peter J,A Phule and His Money,ACE,1999
Asprin Robert and Heck Peter J,Phule's Errand,ACE,2006
Asprin Robert and Nye Jody Lynn,License Invoked,Baen,2001
Asprin Robert and Nye Jody Lynn,Myth-Taken Identity,ACE,2005
Asprin Robert,Another Fine Myth,Dell,1978,10277
Asprin Robert & Del Carlo Eric,Wartorn: Ressurection,Ace,2004
Asprin Robert ED,Thieves' World,ACE,1979,80577
Asprin Robert & Evans Linda,For King & Country,Baen,2004
Asprin Robert & Heck Peter J,No Phule Like An Old Phule,ACE,2004
Asprin Robert,Hit or Myth,ACE,1985
Asprin Robert,Little Myth Marker,Ace,1987
Asprin Robert Lynn Ed.,Shadows of Sanctuary,ACE,1981
Asprin Robert Lynn Ed.,Storm Season,ACE,1982,Thieves' World
Asprin Robert Lynn Ed.,Tales From the Vulgar Unicorn,ACE,1980
Asprin Robert Lynn Ed.,The Face of Chaos,ACE,1983,Thieves World #5
Asprin Robert Lynn Ed.,Wings of Omen,ACE,1984,Thieves World 6
Asprin Robert,Myth Conceptions,ACE,1985
Asprin Robert,Myth Directions,ACE,1985
Asprin Robert,MYTH Inc In Action,ACE,1991
Asprin Robert,M.Y.T.H Inc. Link,Ace,1988
Asprin Robert,Mything Persons,Ace,1986
Asprin Robert,Myth-nomers and Im-pervections,Ace,1988
Asprin Robert & Nye Jody Lynn,Class Dis-mythed,ACE,2007
Asprin Robert & Nye Jody Lynn,Myth Alliances,ACE,2004
Asprin Robert & Nye Jody Lynn,Myth-Gotten Gains,ACE,2008
Asprin Robert,Phule's Company,Ace,1990
Asprin Robert,Stealers' Sky,Ace,1989,Thieves World 12
Asprin Robert,Sweet Myth-ery of Life,ACE,1995
Asprin Robert,Tambu,ACE,1979,79742
Asprin Robert,The Bug Wars,Dell,1979
Asprin Robert with Heck Peter J,Phule Me Twice,ACE,2001
Atack Chris,Project Maldon,Baen,1997
Attanasio A A,Arc of the Dream,Bantam,1986
Attanasio A A,In Other Worlds,Bantam,1986
Attanasio A A,Radix,Bantam,1985
Attanasio A A,Solis,Harper,1995
Attanasio A A,The Last Legends of Earth,Bantam,1990
Austin J D,Bobby's Girl,ACE,2001
Aycock Dale,Star Drifter,Leisure,1981
Bacon-Smith Camile,Eye of the Daemon,DAW,1996,1010
Bacon-Smith Camille,Eyes of the Empress,DAW,1998,1094
Baen Jim ed,New Destinies,Baen,1987,V 1 Spring 1987
Baen Jim ed,New Destinies,Baen,1988,V 3 Sprint 1988
Bailey Robin Wayne,Brothers of the Dragon,ROC,1993,Dragon 1
Bailey Robin Wayne,Flames of the Dragon,ROC,1994,Dragon 2
Bailey Robin Wayne,Nightwatch,TSR,1990
Bailey Robin Wayne,Triumph of the Dragon,ROC,1995,Dragon 3
Bailey Robin W,Bloodsongs,Tor,1986
Bailey Robin W,Enchanter,Avon,1989
Bailey Robin W,Frost,Timescape,1983
Bailey Robin W,Skull Gate,TOR,1985
Bailey Robin W,The Lost City of Zork,Avon,1991
Baird Wilhelmina,Chos Come Again,ACE,1997
Baird Wilhelmina,ClipJoint,ACE,1994
Baird Wilhelmina,CrashCourse,ACE,1993
Baird Wilhelmina,Psykosis,ACE,1995
Baker Eric T,Checkmate,ROC,1998
Baker Kage,In the Garden of Iden,Eos,1998
Baker Kage,Mendoza In Hollywood,Eos,2001
Baker Kage,Sky Coyote,Avon,2000
Baker Kage,The Anvil of the World,TOR,2004
Baker Kage,The Children of the Company,TOR,2006
Baker Kage,The Life of the World to Come,TOR,2005
Baker Kage,The Machine's Child,TOR,2007
Baker Kage,The Sons of Heaven,TOR,2008,Company Conclusion
Baker Scott,Dhampire,Timescape,1983
Baker Scott,Nightchild,Timescape,1983
Baker Scott,Symbiote's Crown,Berkley,1978,03839
Baker Sharon,Burning Tears of Sassurum,Avon,1988
Baker Sharon,Journey to Membliar,Avon,1987
Baker Sharon,Quarreling They Met The Dragon,Avon,1984
Baker Virginia,Jack Knife,Jove,2007
Baker Will,Shadow Hunter,Pocket,1994
Baldwin Bill,Canby's Legion,Aspect,1995
Baldwin Bill,Galactic Convoy,Questar,1987
Baldwin Bill,The Defenders,Questar,1992
Baldwin Bill,The Defiance,Aspect,1996,Helmsman
Baldwin Bill,The Helmsman,Questar,1985
Baldwin Bill,The Mercenaries,Questar,1991,Helmsman
Baldwin Bill,The Seige,Questar,1994
Baldwin Bill,The Trophy,Questar,1990
Balfour Bruce,Prometheus Road,ACE,2004
Balfour Bruce,The Digital Dead,Ace,2003
Balfour Bruce,The Forge Of Mars,ACE,2002
Ballantyne Tony,Divergence,Bantam,2007
Ball Brian N,The Probability Man,DAW,1972,3
Ball Brian N,The Regiments of Night,DAW,1972,19
Ball Margaret,Changeweaver,Baen,1993
Ball Margaret,Disappearing Act,Baen,2006
Ball Margaret,Flameweaver,Baen,1991
Ball Margaret,Lost in Translation,Baen,1995
Ball Margaret,Mathemagics,Baen,1996
Ball Margaret,No Earthly Sunne,Baen,1994
Ball Margaret,The Shadow Gate,Baen,1991
Banks Iaian M,Look To Windward,Pocket,2002
Banks Iain M,Against a Dark Background,Bantam,1993
Banks Iain M,Consider Phlebas,Bantam,1991
Banks Iain M,Excession,Bantam,1998
Banks Iain M,Feersum Endjinn,Bantam,1996
Banks Iain M,Inversions,Pocket,2001
Banks Iain M,The Player of Games,Harper,1990
Banks Iann M,Use of Weapons,Bantam,1992
Banks Michael & Lambe Dean R,The Odysseus Solution,Baen,1986
Barbet Pierre,Baphomet's Meteor,DAW,1972,35
Barker M A R,Flamesong,DAW,1985,643
Barker M A R,The Man of Gold,DAW,1984,586
Barnes John,A Million Open Doors,TOR,1993
Barnes John,A Princess of the Aerie,Aspect,2003
Barnes John,Caesar's Bicycle,Harper,1997,Timeline Wars 3
Barnes John,Candle,TOR,2000
Barnes John,Earth Made of Glass,TOR,1999
Barnes John,Finity,TOR,1999
Barnes John,In The Hall of the Martian King,Aspect,2003
Barnes John,Kaleidoscope Century,TOR,1996
Barnes John,Mother of Storms,TOR,1995
Barnes John,One For The Morining Glory,TOR,1997
Barnes John,Orbital Resonance,Tor,1992
Barnes John,Patton's Spaceship,Harper,1997,Timeline Wars 1
Barnes John,Sin of Origin,Worldwide,1989
Barnes John,The Armies of Memory,TOR,2007
Barnes John,The Duke of Uranium,Aspect,2002
Barnes John,The Man Who Pulled Down The Sun,Worldwide,1988
Barnes John,The Merchant of Souls,TOR,2002
Barnes John,The Sky So Big And Black,TOR,2003
Barnes John,Washington's Dirigble,Harper,1997,Timeline Wars 2
Barnes Steven,Blood Brothers,TOR,1997
Barnes Steven,Charisma,TOR,2003
Barnes Steven,Firedance,Tor,1995
Barnes Steven,Gorgon Child,Tor,1989
Barnes Steven,Streetlethal,Ace,1983
Barnes Steven,The Kundalini Equation,Tor,1986
Barnitz Charles,The Deepest Sea,ROC,1996
Barnwell William,Imram,Pocket,1981,Blessing Trilogy 2
Barnwell William,The Blessing Papers,Pocket,1980
Barnwell William,The Sigma Curve,Timescape,1981,Blessing 3
Barrett Neal Jr.,Aldair Across the Misty Sea,1980,379
Barrett Neal Jr.,Aldair in Albion,DAW,1976,195
Barrett Neal Jr.,Aldair Master of Ships,DAW,1977,259
Barrett Neal Jr,Aldair:The Legion of Beasts,DAW,1982,466
Barrett Neal Jr,Dawn's Uncertain Light,Signet,1989
Barrett Neal Jr.,Stress Pattern,DAW,1974,128
Barrett Neal Jr,The Karma Corps,DAW,1984,604
Barrett Neal Jr,The Prophecy Machine,Bantam,2000
Barrett Neal Jr,The Treachery of Kings,Bantam,2001
Barrett Neal Jr,Through Darkest America,Worldwide,1988
Barrett Neil Jr,Highwood,ACE,1972,33710 D
Barrett Neil Jr,The Gates of Time,ACE,1970,27400 D
Barron T A,The Merlin Effect,TOR,1997
Barton William,Acts of Conscience,Aspect,1998
Barton William and Capobianco Michael,Alpha Centauri,Avon,1998
Barton William and Capobianco Michael,Fellow Traveler,Bantam,1991
Barton William and Capobianco Michael,Iris,Bantam,1991
Barton William and Capobianco Michael,White Light,Avon,1999
Barton William,Dark Sky Legion,Bantam,1992
Barton William,The Trnsmigration of Souls,Aspect,1996
Barton William,When Heaven Fell,Aspect,1995
Barton William,When We Were Real,Aspect,1999
Bartram George,The Sunset Gun,Pinnacle,1983
Bassett James C,Living Real,Harper,1997
Baxter John,The Off-Worlders,ACE,1966,G-588 D
Baxter Stephen,Anti-ice,Harper,1994
Baxter Stephen,Coalescent,DelRey,2004
Baxter Stephen,Evolution,DelRey,2004
Baxter Stephen,Exultant,DelRey,2005
Baxter Stephen,Flux,Harper,1995
Baxter Stephen,Icebones,EOS,2003
Baxter Stephen,Longtusk,EOS,2002
Baxter Stephen,Manifold Origin,DelRey,2003
Baxter Stephen,Manifold Space,DelRey,2002
Baxter Stephen,Manifold Time,DelRey,2000
Baxter Stephen,Moonseed,Harper,1999
Baxter Stephen,Raft,Roc,1992
Baxter Stephen,Silverhair,EOS,2000
Baxter Stephen,The Time Ships,Harper,1995
Baxter Stephen,Timelike Infinity,ROC,1993
Baxter Stephen,Vacuum Diagrams,Eos,2001
Bayley Barrington J,Annihilation Factor,ACE,1972,33710 D
Bayley Barrington J,Collision Course,DAW,1973,43
Bayley Barrington J,Empire of Two Worlds,ACE,1972
Bayley Barrington J,Star Winds,DAW,1978,294
Bayley Barrington J,The Forest of Peldain,DAW,1985,640
Bayley Barrington J,The Grand Wheel,DAW,1977,255
Bayley Barrington J,The Pillars of Eternity,DAW,1982,474
Bayley Barrington J,The Star Virus,ACE,1970,78400 D
Bayley Barrington J,The Zen Gun,DAW,1983,541
Beagle Peter S,The Folk of the Air,Del Rey,1988
Beamer Charles,When the Gods Returned,Del Rey,1986
Bear Elizabeth,Blood and Iron,ROC,2008
Bear Elizabeth,Carnival,Bantam,2006
Bear Elizabeth,Dust,Bantam,2008
Bear Elizabeth,Hammered,Bantam,2005,Casey 1
Bear Elizabeth,Scardown,Bantam,2005,Casey 2
Bear Elizabeth,Undertow,Bantam,2007
Bear Elizabeth,Worldwired,Bantam,2005,Casey 3
Bear Greg,Anvil of Stars,Questar,1993
Bear Greg,Beyond Heaven's River,Dell,1980
Bear Greg,Beyond Heaven's River,ibooks,2003
Bear Greg,Blood Music,ACE,1986
Bear Greg,Darwin's Children,DelRey,2004
Bear Greg,Darwin's Radio,Ballantine,2000
Bear Greg,Eon,Tor,1986
Bear Greg,Eternity,Questar,1989
Bear Greg,Foundation and Chaos,Harper,1999,Second Foundation Trilogy 2
Bear Greg,Hegira,Dell,1979
Bear Greg,Legacy,TOR,1995
Bear Greg,Moving Mars,Tor,1994
Bear Greg,Psychlone,TOR,1998
Bear Greg,Queen of Angels,Questar,1990
Bear Greg,Slant,TOR,1998
Bear Greg,Strength of Stones,ACE,1982
Bear Greg,The Forge of God,Tor,1988
Bear Greg,The Infinity Concerto,Berkley,1984
Bear Greg,The Serpent Mage,Berkeley,1986
Bear Greg,Vitals,Ballantine,2003
Beese P J and Hamilton Todd Cameron,The Guardsman,Pageant,1988
Belden David,Children of Arable,Signet,1987
Bell Claire,People of the Sky,Tor,1990
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Caine Rachel,Firestorm,ROC,2006,Weather Warden 5
Caine Rachel,Gale Force,ROC,2008,Weather Warden 7
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Caine Rachel,Thin Air,ROC,2007,Weather Warden 6
Caine Rachel,Windfall,ROC,2005,Weather Warden 4
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Callander Don,Dragon Companion,ACE,1994
Callander Don,Dragon Rescue,ACE,1995
Callander Don,Dragon Tempest,ACE,1998
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Callander Don,Pyromancer,ACE,1992
Callin Grant,A Lion on Tharthee,Baen,1987
Callin Grant,Saturn Alia,Baen,1986
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Canavan Trudi,The Novice,EOS,2004,Black Magician 2
Canavan Trudi,Voice of the Gods,EOS,2007,Age of the Five 3
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Card Orson Scott,The Crystal City,TOR,2004,Alvin Maker 6
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Card Orson Scott,TOR,1999
Card Orson Scott,Wyrms,Tor,1988
Carey Jacqueline,Kushiel's Avatar,TOR,2004
Carey Jacqueline,Kushiel's Chosen,TOR,2003
Carey Jacqueline,Kushiel's Dart,TOR,2002
Carey Jacqueline,Kushiel's Scion,Warner,2007
Carobianco Michael,Burster,Bantam,1990
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Caselberg Jay,The Star Tablet,ROC,2005
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Chambers Stephen,Hope's End,TOR,2002
Chance Karen,Claimed by Shadow,ROC,2007
Chance Karen,Embrace the Night,ROC,2008
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Dalmas John,The Second Coming,Baen,2005
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del Franco Mark,Unshapely Things,ACE,2007
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de Pierres Marianne,Code Noir,ROC,2006
de Pierres Marianne,Nylon Angel,ROC,2005
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Devenport Emily,Godheads,ROC,1998
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Dietz Tom,Darkthunder's Way,Avon,1989
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Dietz Tom,Landslayer's Law,AvonNova,1997
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Dietz W C and Drake David,Cluster Command,Baen,1989,Crisis of Empire 2
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Dietz William C,By Force of Arms,ACE,2000
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Dietz William C,For Those Who Fell,ACE,2005
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Douglass Sara,Beyond the Hanging Wall,TOR,2006
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Douglass Sara,The Wounded Hawk,TOR,2005,Crucible 2
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GIFT To Ducrest,Bova Ben,Venus,TOR,2001
GIFT to Ducrest,Buckell Tobias S,Ragamuffin,TOR,2008
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GIFT to Ducrest,Butcher Jim,Grave Peril,Roc,2001,Dresden Files 3
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GIFT To Ducrest,Dalmas John,The Puppet Master,Baen,2001
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GIFT to Ducrest,Landon Kristin,The Hidden Worlds,ACE,2007
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GIFT to Ducrest,Mackay Scott,Phytosphere,ROC,2007
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GIFT To Ducrest,McGarry Terry,Illumination,TOR,2002
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GIFT to Ducrest,Pullman,The Subtle Knife,#2
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GIFT to Ducrest,Robinson Kim Stanley,Sixty Days and Counting,Bantam,2007,Weather 3
GIFT To Ducrest,Robinson Spider,Callahan's Con,TOR,2004
GIFT to Ducrest,Sagan Nick,Edenborn,ROC,2008
GIFT to Ducrest,Sagan Nick,Everfree,ROC,2008
GIFT to Ducrest,Sagan Nick,Idlewild,ROC,2008
GIFT to Ducrest,Scalzi John,Old Man's War,TOR,2007
GIFT to Ducrest,Scalzi John,The Ghost Brigades,TOR,2007
GIFT to Ducrest,Scalzi John,The Last Colony,TOR,2008
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GIFT to Ducrest,Scott Tim,Outrageous Fortune,Bantam,2008
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GIFT To Ducrest,Shinn Sharon,Heart of Gold,ACE,2001
GIFT to Ducrest,Shinn Sharon,Jovah's Angel,Ace,1998
GIFT to Ducrest,Shinn Sharon,The Alleluia Files,Ace,1999
GIFT to Ducrest,Sinclair Linnea,The Down Home Zombie Blues,Bantam,2007
GIFT to Ducrest,Slonczewski Joan,Brain Plague,Tor,2001
GIFT to Ducrest,Slonczewski Joan,The Children Star,Tor,1999
GIFT to Ducrest,Smith Kristine,Endgame,EOS,2007
GIFT to Ducrest,Sterling Brece,The Zenith Angle,DelRey,2005
GIFT to Ducrest,Stewart Ian and Cohen Jack,Wheelers,Aspect,2001
GIFT to Ducrest,Stross Charles,Accelerando,ACE,2006
GIFT to Ducrest,Stross Charles,Singularity Sky,ACE,2004
GIFT to Ducrest,Swann S Andrew,Zimmerman's Algorithm,DAW,2000,1142
GIFT to Ducrest,Tepper Sheri S,The Margarets,EOS,2008
GIFT to Ducrest,Varley John,Red Lightning,ACE,2007
GIFT to Ducrest,Varley John,The Golden Globe,ACE,1999
GIFT to Ducrest,Viehl S L,Beyond Varallan,Roc,2000
GIFT to Ducrest,Viehl S L,Endurance,Roc,2001
GIFT to Ducrest,Viehl S L,Shockball,Roc,2001
GIFT to Ducrest,Viehl S L,Stardoc,Roc,2000
GIFT to Ducrest,Vinge Vernor,Rainbows End,TOR,2007
GIFT To Ducrest,Watt-Evans Lawrence,Ithanalin's Restoration,TOR,2002
GIFT To Ducrest,Weber David,Apocalypse Troll,Baen,2000
GIFT to Ducrest,Weber David,Off Armageddon Reef,TOR,2008
GIFT To Ducrest,Wells Martha,Wheel of the Infinite,Eos,2001
GIFT to Ducrest,Wentworth K D,Black on Black,Baen,1999
GIFT to Ducrest,Wentworth K D,Stars over Stars,Baen,2001
GIFT to Ducrest,Williams Liz,Empire of Bones,Bantam,2002
GIFT to Ducrest,Williams Liz,The Ghost Sister,Bantam,2001
GIFT To Ducrest,Williams Tad,City of Golden Shadow,DAW,1996,1045,Otherland 1
GIFT To Ducrest,Williams Tad,Mountain of Black Glass,DAW,1999,1129,Otherland 3
GIFT To Ducrest,Williams Tad,River of Blue Fire,DAW,1998,1090,Otherland 2
GIFT To Ducrest,Williams Tad,Sea of Silver Light,DAW,2001,1181,Otherland 4
GIFT to Ducrest,Willis Connie,Passage,Bantam,2002
GIFT to Ducrest,Wilson Robert Charles,Axis,TOR,2008
GIFT to Ducrest,Zahn Timothy,Blackcollar,Baen,2008
GIFT to Ducrest,Zahn Timothy,The Third Lynx,TOR,2008
GIFT To Ducrest,Zakour John and Ganem Lawrence,The Plutonium Blonde,DAW,2001,1196
GIFT to Ducrest,Zakour John & Ganem Lawrence,The Radioactive Redhead,DAW,2005,1347
GIFT to Ducrest,Zakour John,The Flaxen Femme Fatale,DAW,2008,1458
GIFT to Edwards,Czerneda Julie E,Migration,DAW,2006,Species Imperative 2
GIFT to Edwards,Czerneda Julie E,Regeneration,DAW,2007,Species Imperative 3
GIFT to Edwards,Czerneda Julie E,Survival,DAW,2005,Species Imperative 1
GIFT to Edwards,Zakour John,Blue-Haired Bombshell,Penguin,2007
GIFT To Elwell,Nagata Linda,Limit of Vision,TOR,2002
GIFT to Frank,Ballantyne Tony,Recursion,Bantam,2006
GIFT to Frank,Benford Gregory,Furious Gulf,Aspect,2005
GIFT to Frank,Benford Gregory,The Sunborn,Warner,2006
GIFT to Frank,Bova Ben,Mercury,TOR,2006
GIFT to Frank,Bova Ben,The Aftermath,TOR,2008
GIFT to Frank,Bova Ben,The Green Trap,TOR,2007
GIFT to Frank,Dietz William C,Logos Run,ACE,2007
GIFT to Frank,Gibson William,Pattern Recognition,Berkley,2005
GIFT to Frank,Giller Marc D,Hammerjack,Bantam,2006
GIFT to Frank,Giller Marc D,Pridigal,Bantam,2007
GIFT to Frank,Gould Steven,Reflex,Tor,2005
GIFT to Frank,Macleod Ian R,The Light Ages,ACE,2005
GIFT to Frank,Macleod Ken,Learning The World,TOR,2006
GIFT to Frank,Macleod Ken,Newton's Wake,TOR,2005
GIFT to Frank,McDevitt Jack,Odyssey,ACE,2007
GIFT to Frank,McDevitt Jack,Polaris,ACE,2005
GIFT to Frank,McDevitt Jack,Seeker,ACE,2006
GIFT to Frank,Metzger Robert A,CUSP,ACE,2006
GIFT to Frank,Mitchell Syne,End in Fire,ROC,2005
GIFT to Frank,Morgan Richard K,Altered Carbon,DelRey,2006
GIFT to Frank,Murphy Pat,Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell,TOR,2002
GIFT to Frank,Niven Larry & Cooper Brenda,Building Harlequin's Moon,TOR,2006
GIFT to Frank,Niven Larry & Pournelle Jerry,Burning Tower,Pocket,2006
GIFT to Frank,Niven Larry,Ringworld's Children,TOR,2005
GIFT to Frank,Palwick Susan,The Necessary Beggar,TOR,2007
GIFT to Frank,Reynolds Alastair,Absolution Gap,ACE,2005
GIFT to Frank,Reynolds Alastair,Century Rain,ACE,2006
GIFT to Frank,Reynolds Alastair,Diamond Dogs Turquoise Days,ACE,2006
GIFT to Frank,Reynolds Alastair,Pushing Ice,ACE,2007
GIFT to Frank,Reynolds Alastair,Redemption Ark,ACE,2004
GIFT to Frank,Reynolds Alastair,Revelation Space,ACE,2002
GIFT to Frank,Rusch Kristine Kathryn,Buried Deep,ROC,2005,Retrieval Artist
GIFT to Frank,Rusch Kristine Kathryn,Paloma,ROC,2006,Retrieval Artist
GIFT to Frank,Rusch Kristine Kathryn,Recovery Man,ROC,2007,Retrieval Artist
GIFT to Frank,Sawyer Robert J,Factoring Humanity,TOR,1999
GIFT to Frank,Sawyer Robert J,Frameshift,TOR,1998
GIFT to Frank,Sawyer Robert J,Illegal Alien,ACE,1998
GIFT to Frank,Sawyer Robert J,Rollback,TOR,2008
GIFT to Frank,Sawyer Robert J,Starplex,ACE,1996
GIFT to Frank,Scalzi John,The Android's Dream,TOR,2007
GIFT to Frank,Schroeder Karl,Lady of Mazes,TOR,2006
GIFT to Frank,Stewart ian and Cohen Jack,Heaven,Aspect,2005
GIFT to Frank,Traviss Karen,Ally,EOS,2007
GIFT to Frank,Traviss Karen,City of Pearl,EOS,2004
GIFT to Frank,Traviss Karen,Crossing the Line,EOS,2004
GIFT to Frank,Traviss Karen,Judge,EOS,2008
GIFT to Frank,Traviss Karen,Matriarch,EOS,2006
GIFT to Frank,Traviss Karen,The World Before,EOS,2005
GIFT to Frank,Williamson Jack,The Stonehenge Gate,TOR,2006
GIFT to Frank,Zubrin Robert,First Landing,ACE,2002
GIFT To Kevin,David Peter,Sir Apropos of Nothing Book 2:The Woad To Wuin,Pocket,2003
GIFT To Kevin,David Peter,Sir Apropos of Nothing,Pocket,2002
GIFT To Kevin,Watt-Evans Lawrence,Night of Madness,TOR,2002
GIFT To Walker,Bova Ben,Saturn,2004
GIFT To Walker,Duncan Dave,Impossible Odds,2004
Gilden Mel,Hawaian UFO Aliens,ROC,1991
Gilden Mel,Surfing Samurai Robots,Lynx,1988
Gilden Mel,Tubular Android Superheroes,Roc,1991
Gilliland Alexis A,Long Shot for Rosinante,Del Rey,1981
Gilliland Alexis A,Lord of the Troll Bats,Del Rey,1992
Gilliland Alexis A,The End of the Empire,Del Rey,1983
Gilliland Alexis A,The Pirates of Rosinante,Del Rey,1982
Gilliland Alexis A,The Revolution from Rosinante,Del Rey,1981
Gilliland Alexis A,The Shadow Shaia,Del Rey,1990
Gilliland Alexis A,Wizenbeak,Del Rey,1989
Gilman Carolyn Ives,Halfway Human,Avon,1998
Gilman Laura Anne,Staying Dead,LUNA,2006
Gilman Robert Cham,The Navigator of Rhada,ACE,1986,Rhada 3
Gilman Robert Cham,The Rebel of Rhada,ACE,1986,Rhada 2
Gilman Robert Cham,The Starkahn of Rhada,ACE,1986,Rhada 4
Gilman Robert Cham,The Warlock of Rhada,ACE,1985
Gingrich Newt and Forstchen William R,1945,Baen,1996
Glasby John,Project Jove,ACE,1971,68310 D
Glass Isabel,Daughter of Exile,TOR,2005
Glass James C,Empress of Light,Baen,2001
Glass James C,Shanji,Baen,1999
Glut Donald F,Spawn,Laser,1976,43
Godwin Parke,Limbo Search,Avonova,1995
Godwin Parke,Waiting For The Galactic Bus,Bantam,1989
Godwin Tom,The Cold Equations,Baen,2005
Golden Christie,Invasion America,ROC,1998
Golden Christie,King's Man & Thief,ACE,1997
Golden Christopher & Sniegoski Thomas E,The Nimble Man,ACE,2004,Menagerie 1
Goldin Stephen,And Make not Dreams Your Master,Fawcett,1981
Goldin Stephen and Mason Mary,Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor,Signet,1988,Darcy 1
Goldin Stephen and Mason Mary,Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates,Roc,1990
Goldin Stephen,Assault on the Gods,Fawcett,1981
Goldin Stephen,Caravan,Laser,1975,8
Goldin Stephen,Finish Line,Laser,1976,45
Goldin Stephen,Mind Flight,Fawcett,1978
Goldin Stephen,Scavenger Hunt,Laser,1976,25
Goldin Stephen,Stranglers Moon,Pyramid,1976,Doc Smith plot?
Goldstein Lisa,The Red Magician,Pocket,1982
Goodkind Terry,Blood of the Fold,TOR,1997,Sword of Truth 3
Goodkind Terry,Chainfire,TOR,2005,Sword of Truth 9
Goodkind Terry,Faith of the Fallen,TOR,2001,Sword of Truth 6
Goodkind Terry,Naked Empire,TOR,2004,Sword of Truth 8
Goodkind Terry,Phantom,TOR,2007,Sword of Truth 11
Goodkind Terry,Soul of the Fire,TOR,2000,Sword of Truth 5
Goodkind Terry,Stone of Tears Rule,TOR,1996,Sword of Truth 2
Goodkind Terry,Temple of the Winds,TOR,1998,Sword of Truth 4
Goodkind Terry,The Pillars of Creation,TOR,2002,Sword of Truth 7
Goodkind Terry,Wizard's First Rule,TOR,1995,Sword of Truth 1
Goodman Laurie,A Spell of Deceit,Del Rey,1989
Goonan Kathleen Ann,Crescent City Rhapsody,EOS,2001
Goonan Kathleen Ann,Light Music,EOS,2003
Goonan Kathleen Ann,Queen City Jazz,TOR,1996
Goonan Kathleen Ann,The Bones of Time,TOR,1997
Gordon Stuart,Fire in the Abyss,Berkley,1983
Gordon Stuart,Three-Eyes,DAW,1975,171
Gordon Stuart,Time Story,DAW,1971,47
Gotlieb Phyllis,A Judgment of Dragons,Berkley,1980
Gotlieb Phyllis,Emperor Swords Pentacles,ACE,1982
Gotlieb Phyllis,O Master Caliban!,Bantam,1976
Gotlieb Phyllis,The Kingdom of the Cats,ACE,1985
Goulart Ron,Calling Dr. Patchwork,DAW,1978,283
Goulart Ron,Daredevils Ltd,St Martins,1987
Goulart Ron,Galaxy Jane,Berkeley,1986
Goulart Ron,Hello Lemuria Hello,DAW,1979,331
Goulart Ron,Skyrocket Steele,Pocket,1980
Goulart Ron,Starpirate's Brain,St Martins,1987
Goulart Ron,The Wicked Cyborg,DAW,1978,311
Goulart Ron,Upside Downside,DAW,1982,467
Gould Steven,Blind Waves,TOR,2001
Gould Steven,Helm,TOR,1999
Gould Steven,Jumper,Tor,1993
Gould Steven,Wildside,TOR,1997
Graham Daniel Jr,The Gatekeepers,Baen,1997
Graham Ian,Monument,ACE,2005
Graham Mitchell,The Ancient Legacy,EOS,2005,Fifth Ring 3
Graham Mitchell,The Emerald Cavern,EOS,2004,Fifth Ring 2
Graham Mitchell,The Fifth Ring,EOS,2003
Grant Charles,Genesis,ROC,1998,Black Oak 1
Grant Charles,Hunting Ground,ROC,2000,Black Oak 4
Grant Charles,The Hush of Dark Wings,ROC,1999,Black Oak 2
Grant Charles,When THe Cold Wind Blows,ROC,2001,Black Oak 5
Grant Charles,Winter Knight,ROC,1999,Black Oak 3
Grant C L,Ascension,Berkley,1977,Parric 2
Grant C L,Legion,Berkley,1979,Parric 3
Grant C L,The Shadow of Alpha,Berkley,1976,Parric 1
Grant Mark,Mutants Amok,ACE,1991
Grant Mark,Mutants Amok,Avon,1991
Grant Richard,Rumors of Spring,Bantam,1988
Grant Richard,Saraband of Lost Time,Avon,1985
Grant Richard,Through the Heart,Bantam,1992
Gravel Geary,A Key For the Nonesuch,DelRey,1990,The War of The Fading Worlds 1
Gravel Geary,Return of the Breakneck Boys,DelRey,1991,The War of The Fading Worlds 2
Gravel Geary,The Alchemists,Del Rey,1984
Gravel Geary,The Pathfinders,Del Rey,1986
Greeley Andrew M,The Final Planet,TOR,1988
Greenberg Martin H ED,Foundation's Friends,TOR,1990
Greene Kirby,Brotherhood of the Stars,Bantam,1994
Green Joseph,The Horde,Laser,1976,27
Greenland Colin,Mother of Plenty,Avon,1998,Tabitha Jute 3
Greenland Colin,Seasons of Plenty,AvonNova,1996,Tabitha Jute 2
Greenland Colin,Take Back Plenty,Avon,1992,Tabitha Jute 1
Greenleaf William,The Pandora Stone,ACE,1984
Greenleaf William,The Tartarus Incident,ACE,1983
Greenleaf William,Time Jumper,Leisure,1980
Greeno Gayle,Exiles' Return,DAW,1995,985,Ghatti's Tale 3
Greeno Gayle,Finders-Seekers,DAW,1993,912,Ghatti's Tale 1
Greeno Gayle,Mindsnare,DAW,1997,1067
Greeno Gayle,Mind-Speakers' Call,DAW,1994,952,Ghatti's Tale 2
Greeno Gayle,Sunderlies Seeking,DAW,1998,1103,Ghattens' Gambit 1
Greeno Gayle,The Farthest Seeking,DAW,2000,1153,Ghattens' Gambit 2
Green Roland & Carr John F,Great Kings' War,ACE,1985,Kalvan Spin Off
Green Roland J,Division of Spoils,Roc,1990,Shenandoah 2
Green Roland J,Squadron Alert,Signet,1989,Shenandoah 1
Green Roland J,The Mountain Walks,Ace,1989
Green Roland J,The Painful Field,ROC,1993
Green Roland J,These Green Foreign Hills,Ace,1987
Green Roland J,Vain Comand,Roc,1992,Starcruiser Shenandoah 4
Green Roland J,Voyage To Eneh,TOR,2000
Green Roland J,Warriors for the Working Day,ROC,1994
Green Roland,Peace Company,ACE,1985
Green Roland,The Sum of Things,ROC,1991,Starcruiser Shenandoah 3
Green Roland,Wandor's Flight,Avon,1981
Green Roland,Wandor's Ride,Avon,1973
Green Roland,Wandor's Voyage,Avon,1979
Green Sharon,An Oath to Mida,DAW,1983,532,Amazon Warrior #2
Green Sharon,Betrayals,EOS,1999,The Blending 4
Green Sharon,Challenges,EOS,1998,The Blending 3
Green Sharon,Competitions,EOS,1997,The Blending 2
Green Sharon,Convergence,EOS,2000,The Blending 1
Green Sharon,Deceptions,Eos,2001,Blending Enthroned 2
Green Sharon,Destiny,Eos,2002,Blending Enthroned 3
Green Sharon,Gateway to Xanadu,DAW,1985,Santee 2
Green Sharon,Hellhound magic,DAW,1989,799
Green Sharon,Intrigues,Eos,2000,Blending Enthroned 1
Green Sharon,Mind Guest,DAW,1984,601
Green Sharon,Prophecy,EOS,1999,The Blending 5
Green Sharon,The Crystals of Mida,DAW,1982,484
Green Sharon,The Far Side of Forever,DAW,1987,717
Green Sharon,The Warrior Enchained,DAW,1983,512,Terrillian #2
Green Sharon,The Warrior Rearmed,DAW,1984,560,Terrilian #3
Green Sharon,The Warrior Within,DAW,1982,470
Green Sharon,The Will of the Gods,DAW,1985,626
Green Simon,Blue Moon Rising,ROC,1991
Green Simon,Hawk & Fisher,ACE,1990,Hawk & Fisher 1
Green Simon R,Agents of Light and Darkness,ACE,2003,Nightside
Green Simon R,Beyond The Blue Moon,ROC,2000
Green Simon R,Blood and Honor,Roc,1993
Green Simon R,Deathstalker Coda,ROC,2006
Green Simon R,Deathstalker Destiny,ROC,1999,Deathstalker 5
Green Simon R,Deathstalker Honor,ROC,1998,Deathstalker 4
Green Simon R,Deathstalker Legacy,ROC,2003
Green Simon R,Deathstalker Rebellion,ROC,1996,Deathstalker 2
Green Simon R,Deathstalker Return,ROC,2005
Green Simon R,Deathstalker,ROC,1995,Deathstalker 1
Green Simon R,Deathstalker War,ROC,1997,Deathstalker 3
Green Simon R,Down Among the Dead Men,ROC,1994
Green Simon R,Drinking Midnight Wine,ROC,2003
Green Simon R,Ghostworld,ACE,1993
Green Simon R,Guard Against Dishonor,ACE,1991,Hawk and Fisher 5
Green Simon R,Hell To Pay,ACE,2007
Green Simon R,Hellworld,ACE,1993
Green Simon R,Hex and the City,ACE,2005
Green Simon R,Mistworld,ACE,1992
Green Simon R,Nightingale's Lament,ACE,2004,Nightside
Green Simon R,Paths Not Taken,ACE,2005
Green Simon R,Shadows Fall,ROC,1994
Green Simon R,Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth,ACE,2006
Green Simon R,Something From The Nightside,ACE,2003
Green Simon R,The Bones of Haven,ACE,1992,Hawk and Fisher 6
Green Simon R, Twilight of the Empire,ROC,1997,Mistworld+Ghostworld+Hellworld
Green Simon,The God Killer,ACE,1991,Hawk & Fisher 3
Green Simon,Winner Takes All,ACE,1991,Hawk & Fisher 2
Green Simon,Wolf in the Fold,ACE,1991,Hawk & Fisher 4
Green Terence M,Barking Dogs,St Martins,1988
Green Terence M,Blue Limbo,TOR,1998
Green William,Clarion,Tor,1988
Greenwood Ed,A Dragon's Ascension,TOR,2003
Greenwood Ed,The Dragon's Doom,TOR,2004,Band of Four 4
Greenwood Ed,The Kingless Land,TOR,2001
Greenwood Ed,The Silent House,TOR,2005
Greenwood Ed,The Vacant Throne,TOR,2002,Band of Four 2
Gregory Guy,Heroes of Zara Keep,Bantam,1982
Gresh Lois H and Weinberg Robert,Termination Node,DelRey,1999
Gribbin John,Father to the Man,Tor,1990
Griffin P M,Fire Planet,ACE,1990
Griffin P M,Jungle Assault,ACE,1991,Star Commandos
Griffin P M,Return to War,ACE,1990
Griffin P M,Star Commandos,Ace,1986
Griffin P M,Star Commandos: Colony in Peril,Ace,1987
Griffin Russell M,The Blind Men and The Elephant,Timescape,1982
Griffin Russell M,The Makeshift God,Dell,1979
Griffin Russell M,The Time-Servers,Avon,1985
Griffith Nicola,Ammonite,DelRey,1992
Grimwood Ken,Replay,ACE,1992
Groell Anne Lesley,Anvil of the Sun,ROC,1996,Cloak and Dagger 1
Groell Anne Lesley,Bridge of Valor,ROC,1997,Cloak and Dagger 2
Groell Anne Lesley,Cauldron of Iniquity,1999,Cloak and Dagger 3
Grossman Dave and Frankowski Leo,The Two-Space War,Baen,2005
Gryphon Talia,Key to Conflict,ACE,2007
Gunden Kenneth Von,Star Spawn,Ace,1990
Gunnarsson Thorarinn,Dragons on the Town,ACE,1992
Gunnarsson Thorarinn,Human Beware!,ACE,1990
Gunnarsson Thorarinn,Make Way For Dragons,Ace,1990
Gunnarsson Thorarinn,Starwolves Battle of the Ring,Questar,1989
Gunnarsson Thorarinn,Starwolves: Dreadnought,Questar,1993
Gunnarsson Thorarinn,Starwolves: Tactical Error,Questar,1991
Gunnarsson Thorarinn,The Star Wolves,Questar,1988
Guon Ellen,Bedlam Boyz,Baen,1993
Gygax Gary,Artifact of Evil,TSR,1986,Greyhawk 2
Gygax Gary,City of Hawks,New Infinities,1987,Gord The Rogue
Gygax Gary,Come Endless Darkness,Ace,1988
Gygax Gary,Dance of Demons,New Infinities,1988,Gord The Rogue
Gygax Gary,Night Arrant,New Infinities,1987,Gord The Rogue
Gygax Gary,Saga of Old City,TSR,1986,Greyhawk 1
Gygax Gary,Sea of Death,New Infinities,1987,Gord The Rogue
Haber Karen and Silverberg Robert,The Mutant Season,Bantam,1990
Haber Karen,Mutant Star,Bantam,1992
Haber Karen,Sister Blood,DAW,1996,1029
Haber Karens,The Mutant Prime,Bantam,1991
Haber Karen,The War Minstrels,DAW,1995,1005
Haber Karen,Woman Without A Shadow,DAW,1995,978
Haber Karne,Mutant Legacy,Bantam,1993
Hahn Steve,Mindwipe!,Laser,1976,51
Haiblum Isidore,Interworld,Dell,1977
Haiblum Isidore,The Hand of Ganz,Signet,1984
Haiblum Isidore,The Identity Plunderers,Signet,1984
Haldeman Jack C II and Dann Jack,High Steel,TOR,1994
Haldeman Jack C II,The Fall of Winter,Baen,1985
Haldeman Joe,All My Sins Remembered,Avon,1977
Haldeman Joe,Camouflage,ACE,2005
Haldeman Joe,Forever Free,ACE,2000
Haldeman Joe,Forever Peace,ACE,1998
Haldeman Joe & Haldeman Jack C II,There is No Darkness,ACE,1983
Haldeman Joe,Old Twentieth,ACE,2006
Haldeman Joe,The Coming,ACE,2001
Haldeman Joe,The Hemingway Hoax,Avon,1991
Haldeman Joe,Tool of the Trade,Avon,1987
Haldeman Joe,Worlds Apart,ACE,1983
Haldeman Joe,Worlds,Timescape,1982
Hale Deborah,The Wizard's Ward,Luna,2005
Hales E E Y,Chariot of Fire,Avon,1977
Hambly Barbara,Bride of the Rat God,DelRey,1994
Hambly Barbara,Circle of the Moon,Aspect,2006
Hambly Barbara,Dog Wizard,DelRey,1993
Hambly Barbara,Dragonsbane,Del Rey,1986
Hambly Barbara,Dragonshadow,DelRey,2000
Hambly Barbara,Dragonstar,DelRey,2003
Hambly Barbara,Icefalcon's Quest,DelRey,1999
Hambly Barbara,Knight of the Demon Queen,DelRey,2000
Hambly Barbara,Mother of Winter,DelRey,1997
Hambly Barbara,Sisters of the Raven,Aspect,2005
Hambly Barbara,Stranger at the Wedding,DelRey,1994
Hambly Barbara,The Armies of Daylight,Del Rey,1983,Darwath 3
Hambly Barbara,The Dark Hand of Magic,Del Rey,1990
Hambly Barbara,The Ladies of Mandrigyn,Del Rey,1984
Hambly Barbara,The Magicians of Night,DelRey,1992,Sun Cross 2
Hambly Barbara,The Rainbow Abyss,DelRey,1991,Sun Cross 1
Hambly Barbara,The Silent Tower,Del Rey,1986
Hambly Barbara,The Silicon Mage,Del Rey,1988
Hambly Barbara,The Time of the Dark,Del Rey,1982,Dark #1
Hambly Barbara,The Walls of Air,Del Rey,1983,#2
Hambly Barbara,The Witches of Wenshar,Del Rey,1987
Hambly Barbara,Those Who Hunt The Night,Del Rey,1989
Hambly Barbara,Traveling with the Dead,DelRey,1996
Hamilton Edmond,A Yank At Valhalla,ACE,1940,93900 D
Hamilton Edmond,Fugitive Of The Stars,ACE,1965,M-111 D
Hamilton Edmond,Outside the Universe,ACE,1964,F-271
Hamilton Edmond,Starwolf,ACE,1982,Trilogy
Hamilton Laurell K,A Caress of Twilight,Ballantine,2003
Hamilton Laurell K,A Kiss of Shadows,Balantine,2002
Hamilton Laurell K,A Stroke of Midnight,Balantine,2006
Hamilton Laurell K,Bloody Bones,ACE,1996
Hamilton Laurell K,Blue Moon,ACE,1998,Anita Blake 8
Hamilton Laurell K,Burnt Offerings,ACE,1998,Anita Blake 7
Hamilton Laurell K,Cerulean Sins,Jove,2004
Hamilton Laurell K,Circus of the Damned,ACE,1995
Hamilton Laurell K,Guilty Pleasures,ACE,1993
Hamilton Laurell K,Incubus Dreams,Jove,2005
Hamilton Laurell K,Mistral's Kiss,Ballentine,2007
Hamilton Laurell K,Narcissus in Chains,Jove,2002
Hamilton Laurell K,Nightseer,ROC,1992
Hamilton Laurell K,Obsidian Butterfly,ACE,2000,Anita Blake 9
Hamilton Laurell K,Seduced By Moonlight,DelRey,2005
Hamilton Laurell K,The Killing Dance,ACE,1997,Anita Blake
Hamilton Laurell K,The Laughing Corpse,ACE,1994
Hamilton Laurell K,The Lunatic Cafe,ACE,1996
Hamilton Peter F,A Quantum Murder,TOR,1998
Hamilton Peter F,Fallen Dragon,Aspect,2003
Hamilton Peter F,Mindstar Rising,TOR,1997
Hamilton Peter F,The Naked God Part 1: Flight,Aspect,2000
Hamilton Peter F,The Naked God Part 2: Faith,Aspect,2000
Hamilton Peter F,The Nano Flower,TOR,1999
Hamilton Peter F,The Neutronium Alchemist Part 1: Consolidation,Aspect,1998
Hamilton Peter F,The Neutronium Alchemist Part 2: Conflict,Aspect,1998
Hamilton Peter F,The Reality Dysfunction: Emergence,Aspect,1997,Part 1
Hamilton Peter F,The Reality Dysfunction: Expansion,Aspect,1997,Part 2
Hand Elizabeth,Winterlong,Bantam,1990
Handley Max,Meanwhile,Questar,1985
Hansen Karl,Dream Games,ACE,1985
Hansen Karl,War Games,Playboy,1981
Harding Lee,Future Sanctuary,Laser,1976,41
Hardy Lyndon,Master of the Five Magics,Del Rey,1980
Hardy Lyndon,Riddle of the Seven Realms,Del Rey,1988
Hardy Lyndon,Secret of the Sixth Magic,Del Rey,1984
Harlan Thomas,The Dark Lord,TOR,2003,Oath of Empire 4
Harlan Thomas,The Gate of Fire,TOR,2001,Oath of Empire 2
Harlan Thomas,The Shadow of Ararat,TOR,2000,Oath of Empire 1
Harlan Thomas,The Storm of Heaven,TOR,2002,Oath of Empire 3
Harness Charles L,Firebird,Pocket,1981
Harness Charles L,Krono,Avon,1989
Harness Charles L,Lunar Justice,Avon,1991
Harness Charles L,The Catalyst,Pocket,1980
Harness Charles L,The Ring of Ritornel,Panther,1974
Harness Charles L,The Venetian Court,Del Rey,1982
Harper Rory,Petrogypsies,Baen,1989
Harper Steven,Dreamer,ROC,2001,Silent Empire 1
Harper Steven,Nightmare,ROC,2002,Silent Empire 2
Harper Steven,Offspring,ROC,2004,Silent Empire 3
Harper Steven,Trickster,ROC,2003
Harper Tara K,Cataract,DelRey,1995
Harper Tara K,Cat Scratch Fever,DelRey,1994
Harper Tara K,Grayheart,DelRey,1996
Harper Tara K,Lightwing,DelRey,1992
Harper Tara K,Shadown Leader,Del Rey,1991
Harper Tara K,Silver Moons Black Steel,DelRey,2001
Harper Tara K,Storm Runner,DelRey,1994
Harper Tara K,Wolf in Night,DelRey,2005
Harper Tara K,Wolf's Bane,DelRey,1997
Harper Tara K,Wolfwalker,Del Rey,1990
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Lee Julianne,Knight's Lady,ACE,2008
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Levinson Paul,The Silk Code,TOR,2000
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Logston Anne,Shadow,ACE,1991
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Steele Allen,Coyote Rising,ACE,2005
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Steele Allen,Lunar Descent,ACE,1991
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Stein Jeanne C,The Becoming,ACE,2006
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Sterling Bruce,Distraction,Bantam,1999
Sterling Bruce,Heavy Weather,Bantam,1996
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Steussy Marti,Forest of the Night,Del Rey,1987
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Stewart ian and Cohen Jack,Heaven,Aspect,2005
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Stewart Sean,Passion Play,ACE,1993
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Stewart Sean,The Night Watch,ACE,1998
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Strickland Brad,Nul's Quest,Signet,1989
Strickland Brad,Wizard's Mole,Roc,1991
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Strout Anton,Dead to Me,ACE,2008
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Sullivan Tim,Martian Viking,Avon,1991
Sullivan Tim,The Parasite War,Avon,1989
Sullivan Tricia,Dreaming In Smoke,Bantam,1998
Sullivan Tricia,Lethe,Bantam,1995
Sullivan Tricia,Someone to Watch Over Me,Bantam,1997
Sumner Mark,Devil's Tower,DelRey,1996
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Swanwick Michael,The Iron Dragon's Daughter,Avonova,1995
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Thomas Jeffrey,Blue War,Solaris,2008
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Thornley Diann,Ganwold's Child,TOR,1996
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Thurman Rob,Moonshine,ROC,2007
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Tolkien J R R,The Two Towers,Ace,NO DATE
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Vitola Denise,The Red Sky File,ACE,1999
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Wentworth K D,Moonspeaker,DelRey,1994
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Wolverton Dave,Serpent Catch,Bantam,1991
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Womack Jack,Terraplane,Tor,1990
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Wright Susan,Slave Masters,Pocket,2004,Slave 2
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Wu William F,Cyborg,ACE,1987,Robot City 3
Wu William F,Masterplay,Questar,1987
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Wylie Jonathan,The Age of Chaos,1990,Unbalanced Earth 3
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Yarbro Chelsea Quinn,To The High Redoubt,Questar,1986
Yates W R,Diasporah,Baen,1985
Yates W R,Diasporah,Baen,1986
Yep Laurence,Monster Makers Inc,Signet,1987
Yermakov Nicholas,Journey from Flesh,Berkeley,1981
Yermakov Nicholas,Last Communion,Signet,1981
Young Janine Ellen,Cinderblock,ROC,1997
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Young Jim,Armed Memory,TOR,1996
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