Road trip to San Antonio for NAWBO 2015 Conference

The goal here was to see how much product Suzanne could pack into her Corolla and take to the NAWBO Conference in San Antonio. She dropped Rod off in Moss Bluff at her brother's to avoid having him under foot in San Antonio.

Some extra time was spent along the way viewing sights along the Blue Ridge Parkway and at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, but most of the non-conference time not spent actually driving was spent visiting relatives and friends. Thus fewer landscape scenic shots in this trip archive.

Rod's Best Meal Of The Trip was at the Boudin Shop off I10 in Henderson LA. This is a regular stop for us on our infrequent trips to Lafayette and Moss Bluff, being the first hit of Cajun food on a road trip. It might not be the swankiest place, but the food is good and the nostalgia great.

The photos from the trip are online in Google Photos. The display mechanism available is different now. Clicking on the link below will give you a page with all the photos, but if you want to go through them individually, click on the first photo. Then, to see the description of each photo, click on the little "i" in a circle in the upper right area to get the "Info" pane along with the photo.

Click here for some of the trip pictures.

Last updated: 10/12/15