Road trip: Minneapolis MN for 2017 NAWBO convention

The 2017 NAWBO convention was at the Hyatt in downtown Minneapolis, MN. Suzanne had a booth there to flog her art, so we packed up the car and took off on October 11 for a leisurely drive from NJ to MN. Although weather wasn't optimal on the way out, we did manage to stop at a couple of places to walk around a bit before arriving in Minneapolis. At that point, Rod's services as driver were no longer required, so he spent the days of the convention walking around downtown Minneapolis, seeing the city and looking for food that he wasn't required to prepare for himself. Suzanne displayed her wares and reconnected with decades of friends made through NAWBO. On the way back to NJ we also took our time, stopping to walk around a bit and visit with Rod's cousin in South Bend, IN.

Rod's best meal in Minneapolis at Kramarczuk's , a restaurant attached to the sausage company.

Honorable mention on the foodie scene to Salsa A La Salsa for classic Mexican and North Side BBQ for no-frills BBQ.

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Last updated: 10/25/17