ENGLAND June 2013: Hiking the SW Coast Path in Cornwall and Devon

Once again we linked together two Footpath Holidays tours, the first(FWCSHE7) in Cornwall and the second(SDC2) along the Thames Path.

The first was a "Self-guided" walk along the SW Coast Path in the vicinity of Penzance, Cornwall, UK. Lodging was at the Old Coastguard in Mousehole, a small fishing village a few miles from Penzance. No Pirates there. This time we chose the self-guided option so that we could link with the second guided tour, knowing from last years experience that we could handle finding our way with the excellent information provided by Footpath Holidays. It was a good choice, as we were able to go at our own pace, take far too many photographs, and modify the route when we got tired of walking along the actual SW Coast Path.

The second was headquartered in Stoke Fleming at the Stoke Lodge Hotel . It was a small group, but we had a good time, in spite of losing Suzanne to go her own way for 3 of the 5 planned days of hiking.

More details on the tours can be found on the Footpath Holidays web site.

We took lots of photos, but will only include a fraction of them here.

Photos are in rough chronological order, but merging pictures from 2 people, with 3 devices, makes it only an approximation.

Display of this set of photos takes advantage of the Google+ Web Albums. The mechanisms are more robust there to display the pictures in your browser in different ways.

SW Coast Path photos, in Cornwall and Devon, June 2013

Last updated: 01/31/19