ENGLAND September 2009: Hiking in the Yorkshire Dales and Lake Country

This time we linked together two Footpath Holidays tours, the first(YKD3) in the Yorkshire Dales and the second(LKD3) in the Lake Country. Each was 4 days of hiking, starting Sunday evening and ending after breakfast on the following Friday. More details on the tours can be found on the Footpath Holidays web site.

We flew in and out of Heathrow using frequent flyer miles, then traveled by London underground, trains, and buses. The first night was spent in Carlisle at a B&B, then on to the Stone House Hotel near Hawes for the first tour. After that tour, we went to Keswick until the second tour started, staying there at the Goodwin House Friday and Saturday nights. The second tour was in Grasmere, based at the Red Lion. After it concluded, we returned to London for a single night, getting a chance to spend a few hours in the British Museum.

We took lots of photos with two cameras, but will only include a small fraction of them here. Most are from Suzanne's camera, since Rod only gets the castoff cameras, his excuse for darker shots with lower resolution. Contrary to some assertions, its not the English hard cider, but the lack of image stabilization on his camera, as opposed to hers.

Photos are in chronological order, but merging two cameras pictures makes it only an approximation.

Resolution is reduced to 640x480 for easier web display.

Display of this set of photos takes advantage of the Google Picasa Web Albums. The mechanisms are more robust there to display the pictures in your browser in different ways. For the first look, try the "Slideshow" button for the "England09" album. You will get a 3 second look at each photo without having to manually move from one to the next. You can change the interval, start and stop the slideshow, as you prefer.

Yorkshire Dales & Lake Country trip photos, September 2009