Trip to Costa Rica, January 2017

Costa Rica Experts provided this tour of Costa Rica with lots of input from Suzanne. The goal was to see different parts of the country and have a chance to see some of the wildlife as well as scenery. Overall, we were very pleased with the support provided by this tour company. All the transport between hotels and the guided tours were high quality and on time.

We stayed at a total of 6 different hotels over about 2 weeks, 5 of which were part of the official Costa Rica Experts planned tour. In order, they were:
Peace Lodge,
El Establo,
Si Como No,
El Castillo,
and Hampton Inn San Jose-Airport.

At each of the 5 hotels the plan was to take a local tour of the area, seeing the sights and taking photos. Due to weather and physical limitations, we ended up taking fewer than the planned number of local tours, only 4 for Rod and 2 for Suzanne. Both of us opted out of the last and most strenuous tour to Corcovado National Park. Maybe next time. We never did see the Arenal volcano - too much rain and fog for the days we were in that area, thus fewer photos as well. We also needed to use the little pills in the traveler's medical kit, putting a crimp in any plans to be too far from a bathroom on several occasions. Otherwise, a generally successful trip. Costa Rica is a beautiful country.

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Last updated: 1/23/17