April 5 to 11, 2011: Road trip to Spring Creek Retreat for Suzanne, with biking along the way.

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Suzanne was invited to Spring Creek Retreat so we used the excuse to strap the bicycles on the back of the Civic and take an early spring road trip. Pictures here are from our trips along the Virginia Creeper Trail and Rod's ride along the Silver Comet Trail. On the way down to TN we stopped in Damascus VA at Adventure Damascus and put our bikes on a shuttle for the drive up to Whitetop Station on the Virginia Creeper Trail. We had scraped frost off of the windshield that morning, so were not surprised that the ride that morning was a bit cool. That segment was pretty easy, since it was mostly downhill and required more braking than peddling.

Rod dropped Suzanne off at Spring Creek Retreat in Reliance, then traveled down to the Atlanta area to kill some time riding on the Silver Comet Trail until her retreat was done. After picking up Suzanne, we both made one more ride on the segment of the Virginia Creeper trail between Abingdon and Damascus around Alvarado Station. That was a much warmer day, with some mild up and down grades so we could play with the gears.

Pictures are in rough chronological order.

Best restaurant meal on the trip was at the Mill Street Grill , in Staunton VA.

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