Cruise to Bermuda on Celebrity Summit from Port Liberty, Bayonne NJ, July 2019

We took a 7 day cruise from Port Liberty in Bayonne, NJ on the Celebrity Summit from Sunday July 28, 2019, returning Sunday August 4. Bermuda had been on the "bucket list" for a while, in spite of our general lack of interest in beach type vacations, and the easy access from the port in NJ finally convinced us that the time had arrived. It was only coincidence that it was the Summit, the same ship that we took in 2008 for our Mediterranean Cruise.

Access to the port was easy and the organization of dropping bags, parking, and boarding the ship went smoothly. When we arrived at our cabin on a warm day in July, we even found that the interior door and sliding door to the veranda were already open, producing a nice breeze and making staying on the veranda quite pleasant. (I believe the previous sentence is correctly termed literary "foreshadowing"). What we later discovered was that the carpet outside the bathroom in the cabin was soaked, so the breeze was more an attempt to dry it out than a concern for our comfort. We also discovered that, on closing the doors, then returning to the cabin later, we had a distinct olefactory clue as to what had soaked the carpet. Our trip was off to a good start.

The weather the whole time was excellent. It was too hot for the comfort of these senior citizens in Bermuda, but that was expected. The time spent "at sea" was a bit boring, also expected by a couple that doesn't gamble, drink to excess, buy art and other junk, sunbathe, play dumb games, or soak with hundreds of random strangers. We love our Kindles.

Best food of the trip was the buffet on the ship, especially the Indian and Thai offerings (Rod's opinion). There was concensus on the excellence of the air conditioned table by a window at the Chatterbox Cafe in Hamilton, providing Suzanne a smoothie and Rod a can of soda after roaming the beach at Horseshoe Bay on a hot Bermuda morning.

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Last updated: 08/07/19