A typical section of the Natchez Trace, showing the lengths to which Rod sometimes has to go to find Suzanne when she goes off for a NAWBO function.
(This is actually a 2 mile section of the Old Natchez Trace that one can drive along, starting at milepost 401.4.)

A nice section of a short trail between Jackson Falls and Baker Bluff Overlook, around milepost 405.

A section of the old trace now used by hikers and horses at Garrison Creek milepost 427.6.

A typical piece of the new trace, this one at Garrison Creek. The Natchez Trace is a 2 lane, 50 mph, road from Natchez to Nashville. There is only one gap, at Jackson. I picked it up after that gap and drove it to Nashville. There are lots of pull-outs, many with associated historical items or nature trails, but no food or lodging, and only a single fuel stop along the entire length.

Suzanne had her meeting at the Union Station Wyndham Hotel in downtown Nashville. This view is from the lower parking lot.

We stayed at Staunton, VA the last night. This is Suzanne at dawn looking east from the motel, with the Blue Ridge in the background.

The same view a little later, without Suzanne.

Back in NJ, a shot of one of the fields along Harbor Road on our daily walk.