This time around I put together a narrative, in roughly chronological order, with pointers to the photos embedded. Click on the highlighted words or phrases to see the photo, then use the browser back button to get back to the narrative.

Given the number of pictures taken (over 2000), it was difficult to reduce the count to something reasonable for the web. If you were on the trip with us and don't see your favorite shot, that is why. If there are still too many to view, skip some!

The pictures were taken by Suzanne and Rod using Konica Minolta 6mpix and 3mpix cameras respectively. Suzanne took mostly 3Kx2k resolution, Rod 1Kx1K - roughly. The pictures were reduced to 640x480 resolution for display on the web at approximately 80% compression. Still too many and too big for easy viewing on a dialup line, but most viewers (other than me) are out of the dark ages and using a higher speed line.